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Ryanj went through my whole thing Stevke high school where I stretched my ears very big which I now regret because now they look like little cat butt-holes or something weird. I know thats so gross, but thats what they look like. When you stretch your ears and then you ryanm your plugs out, they shrink up and they look like cat butt-holes after. Its just so ugly and I wish I wouldnt have done it but whatever, Ill naksd. Its just the ear hole. I had my tongue pierced and my lip pierced. I was all pierced up and had crazy ryajn in high school and I think I got it all out of my system early on. Im a big cat lover so I think cat butt-holes are adorable. They're always in my face. See, thats why I compared it to that because cats are always putting their butts in your face and I love cats too and just animals in general.

Im a fan of cat butt-holes. I think theyre cute and theyre little. Who wants big scary ugly ones? As someone who likes to dress up, how is your self-image as Stevie? This rjann really weird nakeed no one expects this, but I cant stand myself. Thats why I like being characters. If I wanted to be me I would be Sgevie a standup comedian, but I dont wanna be myself. What fun is Stevie ryann naked Ive been me Steviee whole life. Thats not very fun. So I really dont even have a view on myself. I dont na,ed being in my own head. I like leaving my head and pretending to be in someone elses nnaked. I like going into different worlds.

I live in nakfd world every day. I was born into my world. Im bored of it. So for me I dont like being myself. Do you like making yourself revolting, like as the Mob Wives? Actually, it can go both ways. I really love it because its a real transformation and it really Stevie ryann naked you feel different. We have one sketch, its a celebrity ghost stories sketch but it involves Lindsay Lohan. They blotted my teeth out and made me look super crazy, and it was really fun during it because Ive never done a character like this. Ive never gone to a dark place character-wise. Then I had to go to such a dark place for that that by the time I got home, I was completely freaked out.

I was so scared. I didnt even feel like myself in my apartment. I felt like I was a demon haunting my own apartment. I didnt even go to bed until the sun came up because I was terrified. I wigged myself out. So I know the toll that these characters can take on you but I never thought it would take me to such a deep dark place like that did in just one day. So that was really interesting for me and I see how people can get wrapped up in characters. I hate to bring it up but Heath Ledger, after I had that experience I was like whoa, I couldnt imagine playing The Joker for months and being in that place in your head.

That would be fucking impossible to come back from I feel like. That would be a really scary thing. How do you feel as Lady Gaga? Did you get any of her mojo? Oh, you dont even know. First of all, I now love Lady Gaga. Of course before I was like yeah, Lady Gaga, shes awesome, cool, Gaga, whatever. Like I thought she was great and she had her own thing going on, but then after playing her, first of all our Lady Gaga outfits are so awesome and I realize how much effort it takes to just wear those outfits around.

I just feel like wow, I have a whole new respect for Lady Gaga. I think shes awesome. I think shes brilliant and I dont use that word lightly. I just think for every character Ive played besides The Kardashians I always leave with a new respect for them, and especially Gaga because she kicks ass at what she does and she does it in the most painful and most incredibly uncomfortable outfits that anyone could ever imagine. And she does it with all her heart and soul. And no one would ever know how uncomfortable she is unless youre in those outfits. Now that I know, I just think that shes awesome and wow, you really, really work hard for what you have.

Its not a joke. I feel like that about a lot of characters. Everyone would say really negative things about her and then after researching her, before we recorded the song, before we wrote it, I had to listen to her albums and read about her and just kind of find that character. I think shes awesome and I wouldnt have developed that love for her if I didnt get to experience her world and get to know her world. On that end it really makes me have a new respect for a lot of artists and see how hard these things really are for some people. But not the Kardashians? Not the Kardashians, no. I don't know what it is, but I just feel it just doesnt take much to be a Kardashian.

You have a burlesque video on YouTube. Was burlesque something you were always interested in? This is actually years ago, this is actually how I found YouTube. I was looking up, and this is before the Bettie Page movie. This is far before Bettie Page was cool. Bettie Page was always cool. Exactly, but I mean mainstream cool. Bettie Page has always been awesome. At Amoebabefore there was Netflix Streaming and Hulu and all these sites where you can go watch movies, you used to actually have to go to rent movies or go to Amoeba and I found a bunch of Bettie Page, they call them stripteases but she doesnt even strip in them.

Theyre just these little films of her dancing around and I bought all of them. Now theyre all over YouTube. You can YouTube em but its like five minute pieces with Bettie Page dancing along in a cute outfit to some music. I was so smitten by them. I just thought it was the epitome of a beautiful woman. Like body-wise, face-wise, personality-wise, I just thought its so classy and so cute. The shit were seeing nowadays with chicks rubbing their vaginas all up in the camera and flashing and just grinding all up on each other. But its so different and back then it was such a scandal for a girl to even dance and be sexy like that. I don't know what it is, I just find it so charming.

I became obsessed with these Bettie Page stripteases. Then I just decided I had to try to make my own versions of these.

Theyre obviously from the Irving Klaw era when he used to shoot Bettie Sfevie and I found other ones of his with other pinup girls, and just kept discovering Stevie ryann naked and more from there and I just thought it was the ultimate way to be sexy. Its funny what you say about spreading and grinding. Im a guy, I look at stuff, but sometimes even I think, Come on, thats just gross. Thats your vagina and A-hole. Theres some things youve got to like make it a little harder to see. Dont put it all out there. If you put the buffet out, people are going to eat it.

Thats just the way that it goes.

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Or in the first minute. At least build up to minute five or Exactly, theres gotta be a buildup Stevie ryann naked something that leads. Just dont lay it all nake right away. Youve got to give it Steevie em slowly. Its really interesting the way that things are just out in the open now and like super open open. Ive seen a lot of friends or just people that Ive Steie all of Stevie ryann naked sudden their nudes are nakedd online, and its not like oh, its them naked. Naled them spreadeagle with Stevke giant gaping hole in between their legs that I never wanted to see in my life and is causing me to have acid reflux from looking at it.

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